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Get to the Root of Your Stump Problem

Count on us for stump removal services in your Naches, Yakima or Ellensburg, WA yard

You cut down a tree years ago, but its pesky stump has been cramping your landscaping style ever since. Trickinnex Tree Trimming & Falling, LLC has the services you need to remove stumps from your Naches, Yakima, Ellensburg, WA or Eastern Washington yard. We can grind your stump to a few inches below ground level, or we can remove the entire stump, roots and all.

You can reach us at 509-653-1937 to consult with us about removing your stump.

3 reasons to get rid of that tree stump once and for all

Don't leave your tree stump sitting in your yard where it might trip someone up. Here are a few reasons to have it removed:

  1. Rotting stumps can attract pests
  2. A stump can diminish the curb appeal of your yard
  3. It will get in the way of lawn mowers and other equipment
Work with Trickinnex Tree Trimming & Falling to effectively remove tree stumps from your yard.