tree care Naches, WA

Leave Tree Falling to the Professionals

Benefit from assisted tree falling in Naches, Yakima & Ellensburg, WA

There's a tree in your property that you'd like to take down. Maybe you can use it to create a rustic coffee table. Perhaps it's damaged and poses a risk to surrounding structures. If you need to take down a tree, Trickinnex Tree Trimming & Falling, LLC is the service to call. We offer directional and assisted falling to make sure your tree falls in the right direction, and we can leave the tree behind for you to use it as you see fit.

Contact us at 509-653-1937 to learn more about falling a tree on your property.

3 reasons to let our arborists take down your tree

Unless you have extensive experience in tree removal, it's not a good idea to take on a DIY tree falling project. Here are a few reasons to let our professionals handle the job:

  1. We have the proper equipment to complete the task
  2. We know how to take down your tree in the safest way possible
  3. We have the experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently

Rely on Trickinnex Tree Trimming & Falling to safely fell a tree on your property.